Getting Out of Your Own Way


Energy has a sometimes tricky way of becoming an undetected hitchhiker within our chakras, the sacred energy centers of our bodies. People often hold, for decades even, the energy of other people or events so long that it becomes a burden dragged behind them like an old superhero cape; shredded, torn and laden with the debris of this human life.

In the powerful process of releasing this hitchhiking energy, you will become so much lighter as you lift the burden off of your own shoulders. Being free of the heaviness gives you the strength to heal your own energetic self. That gives you the power to decide to and follow through on getting out of our own way.

The steps to getting out of your own way:
– Becoming aware of the energy that wishes to move on.
– Becoming willing to release it.
– Allowing this energy to move on by releasing it.
– Meditating for clarity as you move past the release.
– Allowing positive forward movement.

Allow yourself to heal and grow by learning the art of gently getting out of your own way.

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