Your Spirit Vibe


If you have ever felt that you are here for a high and honoring purpose, you are at the right place! Knowing and then understanding how to heal and live authentically with your spirit’s true vibration will assist you in understanding yourself, and then your purpose, on levels never available to you before! This is my life’s work, my purpose and the reason I am here, to assist you in knowing your true self. Below is the list my deep research has rendered, the beautiful attributes that make each of these soul vibrations so special.

So, let’s explore your spirit vibe…

Which Spirit Vibes are innate within you?

Warrior Angel
You vibe with the warrior angels if you:
– Are highly sensitive and emphatic
– Can be introverted
– Are connected strongly to animals
– Feel deeply the pain and struggles of others, especially animals
– Often dismiss your own needs for the needs of others
– Struggle with emotional balance and identity issues
– Have issues with trust
– Attract energy vampires
– Feel unworthy and depressed sometimes
– Feel like no one understands you
– Feel very fearful and stuck in one place
– Suffer with fibromyalgia or chronic fatigue syndrome
– Are very sensitive to prescription medication
*The mission of the Warrior Angel is to share love and peace with the Universe.

You vibe with the Phoenix if you:
– Are a dreamer
– Are a fire starter, the one who births ideas easily
– Are a good problem solver
– Are a wise and generous friend
– Own creative flare
– Do not always follow through on projects or ideas
– Feel disorganized and confused about the “next step” to take
– Feel stuck or stalled often
– Struggle with anxiety, stress, tension and insomnia
– Feel like it’s hard to keep up with all the changes you experience
– Feel overwhelmed at times
*The mission of the Phoenix is to bring a beginning and an end to situations or experiences. The Phoenix is a Universal foreman.

You vibe with the Dragon if you:
– Seek out the picket or protest line
– Feel very protective of your loved ones and loudly protest societal wrongs
– Possess a strong sense of righteousness
– Are good in a crisis
– Feel deep anger over the dishonor of the world we live in
– Are loud and disruptive if you feel threatened or challenged
– Feel hopeless sometimes
– Feel anger easily, while other emotions seem elusive to you
– Struggle with blood pressure and heart issues and muscle aches
*The mission of the Dragon is to bring balance to the Universe.

Sea Soul
You vibe with the Souls of the Sea if you:
– Are a nature loving tree-hugger
– Are a steward of the Earth
– Appreciate the gypsy or hippie ways
– Love to dance
– Own an old soul
– Are wise and share your wisdom freely
– Are here to assist others in owning their own deep wisdom
– Have a selfless nature and care deeply for others, often to your own detriment
– Are confused by the way people hurt and disclaim each other
– Struggle with mental fatigue
– Can be judgemental
– Feel deep disdain for human behavior
– Feel a deep desire to go home, but understand that you must stay
*The mission of the Sea Soul is to heal the ways of human ego.


You vibe with the Unicorn if you:
– Possess a strong sense of justice
– Work in corrections, the prison system or the school system
– Stand boldly for those who can not stand for themselves
– Are intriguing to others
– Are introverted and deeply introspective
– Feel safe and calm in the forest
– Take on deep pain and suffering as a way of life
– Struggle with depression and inflammation and insomnia
– Feel odd and displaced in your human body sometimes
– Experience lower extremity discomfort or issues
– Disappear emotionally for days or weeks at a time
– Feel deeply fearful sometimes
– Are extremely anxious
*The mission of the Unicorn is to bring justice to an unjust world

Let me assist you in learning how to balance your vibration/s so you can live in harmony with your true self. There are many ways to learn to understand Your Spirit Vibe here at Spirit Doula. Services Available

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